Looking for the edge that will get you ahead?

A savvy business brain solving complex problems to create value can deliver:

  • An extremely rewarding career financially…
  • Constant challenges that keep life fun…
  • And A.I. will be NOT coming for your job anytime soon !

I don't have an MBA. I’ve often wished I obtained one.

Would it have led to a greater ability to create value which equals creating wealth?

After getting my Bcom, being qualified as a CPA, and obtaining certification with the Securities Institute of Australia - I ventured off to the United States and embarked upon a varied career …

… becoming involved with clients and projects ranging from startups, to 10’s of millions, and 100’s of millions of dollars a year.

My focus – marketing, operations, financial management. In some cases, operating as the CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO, CTO and more … all rolled into one.

Types of businesses – publishing, self-help, business management, trading and financial, software and SaaS, medical practice marketing, digital ad agencies, and more.

This has been my 35+ year MBA-on-the-job training...

Though it’s never complete, and there is so much more to know – understand – and use in creating value for others.

Do You Need an MBA?

That’s really the wrong question.

You need a savvy business brain that can solve complex problems and create value for others = wealth for yourself.

An MBA might be the answer for you. You’ll learn about accounting, communications, marketing, finance, law, entrepreneurship, ethics, supply-chain and operations management.

Or, training in any of these areas individually combined with “on-the-job” training might be a better fit.

Or simply venturing out as an entrepreneur and getting beat up in real-time –might be your best form of learning :-)

Besides being in charge of projects, divisions of companies, and sometimes the complete business – I’ve always had a major focus on marketing – getting dollars in the door.

Marketing strategy, copywriting, paid media buying, analytics and systems, data driven behavioral segmentation, process reverse-engineering, neuroscience applied to marketing, and more.

To my mind, it all boils down to PROCESS and PERSUASION ... and then execution.

Everything else is follow-through – but still critical to the longevity of a business.

You Need An Edge...

… we all do.

The best edge in business – is delivering results. The bigger, the better.

And being able to be adaptive to the flow and changes in markets.

For those that don’t develop these skills, the world will not be as exciting or full of opportunity for them.

These are the facts of life in business, in any industry, any career – and in life itself.

Issues - Insights - Opportunities

The goal of “Kelvin’s MBATM is to share insights I’ve gained over the years, with projects that were massive wins, and those that totally tanked.

And share insights from friends of mine that are way savvier than I in specialized areas.

Plus, share opportunities that might be a fit for you – to advance you abilities to DELIVER real results – thanks to possessing the most valuable asset in business …

*** A savvy business brain that can solve complex problems and thus, create value !! ***

Create and deliver greater value = more wealth for you – more excitement in life – and delivering a greater positive impact on the world.

I’ve spent tens-of-thousands of dollars on education, courses, workshops, coaches, mentors and more… all in an effort to master the world of Direct Marketing.


And with just two phone calls Kelvin has conclusively proven that most of everything I “thought” I knew was outdated and based on faulty, old school practices and beliefs.


He outlined a process that was: 1. Less Complicated; 2. Far Easier to Implement; 3. Extremely easy to understand; 4. Yielded massively greater positive results… with far less effort!


He’s managed to take the best tools, processes and scientifically validated principles to create a slam-dunk methodology that can supercharge the bottom line revenue of any business.


Only a fool would pass up the opportunity to learn from him.

Travis Cody

International Bestselling Author

Hollywood Screenwriter


Kelvin is the REAL thing, and I rarely endorse people.


He has studied under and worked for some of the greatest marketing & sales experts, alive.


With his wealth of experience, and 35 years of the business building, you want him on your team - for life.


He is one of the few people, I trust for advice. And I am ever grateful to stumble upon him.


Having him on my side, he more than helped me shortcut my process & knowledge on business building.


He always challenges me, my assumptions, my knowledge and … he knows how to maximize results with minimum effort.


And from him, you can expect that he only shares you proven profitable techniques and strategies that WORK, today.


Kelvin is generous, kind hearted, and has a brilliant mind.


…I would jump on any opportunity to learn & profit from him.

Aaron Gagnon

Growth & Profit Strategist

Kelvin's copy breathes fire, crackles with energy, radiates a contagious passion for whatever he sells.


After 30 years as a direct marketer and copywriter, he has a knack for knowing exactly what to say to trigger out-sized advertising response. He deserves all of his remarkable success, and so do the clients smart enough to hire him.

Gary Bencivenga

Marketing Bullets

Kelvin’s a consultant’s consultant. You can ask him a question about a myriad of subjects and he’s able to give you a clear-cut answer. I’ve been on the receiving end of his tutelage many times-and will do so again and again.


He is caring and encouraging. He meets you where you are in your learning. He’s focused on you actually ‘getting it’ not on his ego.


I don’t care how many digital gurus you’ve studied with, Kelvin has advice you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Advice he’s put to the test for over three decades … with remarkable success.


Really wonderful strategist, thinker and teacher.

Tia Dobi

Content Strategist

Content Marketing Writer


I've sold over $500 million through direct response and understand how it works...what I learned from Kelvin blew my mind.


If only I’d met him sooner I’d be at a billion by now.


Kelvin knows direct response better than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s smart, creative, strategic and disciplined in his approach.


If he ever agreed to work with you – consider yourself very fortunate.

Russ Dalbey

Dalbey Education

With Kelvin's expert marketing advice, our fledgling upstart company made $1.29 million in our first 12 months of doing business.  We owe him a debt of gratitude.

I have also recommended his services to many of my clients who have always been blown away by the compelling and sales-pulling copy he delivers.

Kelvin is not only a consummate copywriter but a marketing genius extraordinaire. Because of his extensive in-the-trenches experience in both the brick-and-mortar and online worlds, he’s emerged as a brilliant marketing strategist with a track record for success.

Maria Veloso

Author of "Web Copy that Sells"

Publisher of "One Minute Cure"

Kelvin Parker's business advice and counsel over the years has been invaluable.

I have a successful Facebook group of over 9,600 people, and a thriving private community, and I wouldn't be in this place if I hadn't sought out Kelvin's advice.

In a world of self-proclaimed gurus and people passing out half-baked marketing tips left and right, Kelvin is the real deal. His experience and results speak for themselves.

Steve Roller

Founder Cafe Writer Community

Author of "The Freelancer Manifesto"

If an ad campaign starts out badly and is in need of CPR, I call Kelvin.


He has more business and marketing experience than about anyone I've come across.


First thing he does is put his knowledge and experience aside and run a series of quick experiments to get the data. This way, he's been able to fine tune a new client's campaign to generate leads for under $2! Incredible!


He's my secret weapon (I guess not so secret anymore).

Alex Makarski

Digital Media Buyer

Consultant / Fractional CMO


Kelvin creates kick-butt acquisition campaigns - he has also mastered the art and science of creating persuasive sales copy.

If you get the chance to work with him, he'll knock it out of the park for you ...

Clayton Makepeace

"Highest Paid Copywriter" in the direct Marketing Industry

Kelvin worked with our group and group-related companies for 5 years. He was active in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.

Kelvin developed for us businesses turning over many millions of dollars. He has also been a successful pioneer in web-marketing for the group.

Jean-Claude Reuille

Reuille Holdings - Switzerland

I truly don't think I'd be where I am today without the help I’ve received from Kelvin. His marketing savvy and copywriting skills are top notch. If you have a problem - Kelvin usually has a solution.


He's also incredibly generous with his time and resources, something he certainly doesn't have to be at his level of the game. In short, if you get the opportunity to work with him, take it!

Julie Hassett

Financial Copywriter

Kelvin, is absolutely amazing. Just on one of our four projects he increased our results over 600% and we had this product already running with 100′s of members for a year prior to working with him.


He has since worked with us on multiple projects and producing incredible results. Anyone looking to increase sales should hire Kelvin NOW!

Randy Schrum

Inspired Publishing Group