Zero-Risk Offer ...

I'll create an email campaign for you to test, free of charge. Watch the 4 min video below to find out how to get yours - or read below ...

Ideal for information publishers – course creators – and SaaS sellers ...

This short 4 min video (2 min at 2x speed), outlines the free trial email campaign offer. If you prefer to scroll - scan - and read - please do so...

Do you have offers, products or services that could generate more profits for you - IF ONLY your company was able to create highly-targeted email campaigns on a more consistent basis?

If so, consider my zero-risk offer.

With 30+ years in direct response, I've crafted winning copy for countless companies and worked with industry giants like Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas and Clayton Makepeace.

My proposal: I'll create an email campaign for you to test, free of charge. If successful, you pay for it and consider hiring me to create additional campaigns. 

Email is one of the highest ROI channels with an impressive $36 returned for every $1 spent. It's the preferred method of communication for many - with over 4 billion daily email users worldwide.

My data-driven approach to copywriting and insight into selling psychology - allows for personalized and persuasive email copy - with unique appeals, hooks, and offer bonuses that motivate customers to take action.

Email campaigns are ideally suited to information publishers, course creators, and SaaS sellers, who often struggle with creating email marketing on an ongoing basis.

More frequent contact with prospects demonstrating how you can solve their problems leads to more paying customers.

More frequent contact with paying customers leads to additional and higher-value purchases.

... ultimately leading to a significantly increase sales, revenues, and profits.

The process is straight-forward ...

You provide me with the sales material - landing page, VSL, sales page - for the the offer, product or service in question.

Along with any customer case studies and testimonials.

I take it from there ...

My process includes research on your target audience and the problem they seek to solve. 

Plus research on your product and alternatives that claim to solve the same problem.

I create compelling email copy that resonates with your target audience. A full email series ...

... and deliver it to you along with a summary of the campaign strategy, and the appeals, hooks and proposed bonus offers that make the campaign more enticing.

You will receive your full email campaign in one week from the time you give the green light and I receive your sales materials.

In the rare circumstance that the campaign doesn't deliver results you are ecstatic with, I will do additional deep dive research and rewrite the campaign, at no charge.

My email copywriting process comes from 30+ years in direct response marketing  ...

... plus working directly with many true masters of marketing and copywriting such as Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas and Clayton Makepeace ...

... who jointly are responsible for generating tens of billions in new sales and revenues.

This is the same process used by a leading direct response business that generate over $1 billion in revenues each year, the majority of which comes from email.

Clients I've worked with in the past include information publishers, course creators, and SaaS sellers, along with many others.

World renown copywriter Gary Bencivenga states:

"Kelvin's copy breathes fire, crackles with energy, radiates a contagious passion for whatever he sells.  After 30 years as a direct marketer and copywriter, he has a knack for knowing exactly what to say to trigger out-sized advertising response."

And legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace commented:

"Kelvin creates kick-butt acquisition campaigns - he has also mastered the art and science of creating persuasive sales copy. If you get the chance to work with him, he'll knock it out of the park for you..."

My Background:

30+ years in direct marketing ... I started out as the marketing director of publishing companies - which led to copywriting, deal-making, media buying - and A.I. & machine learning, and creating a Fractional CMO process for paid digital channels.

I've recently worked on lead generation for a $50 million/year gold company - a $25 million/year training company - and generating sales for a $10 million a year golf training company, a relationship app, and a write your own book service.

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