Metrics That Matter...

Budget - timeline - upside potential - roadblocks - risk tolerance - cash flows - CPA - COGS - AOV - LTV …

These are the key intel and levers I focus on, in creating – testing – and proving new client acquisition campaigns to profitability.

Also, what's the conversion of first purchasers to repeat customers?

What's the first sale margin compared to LTV delivered?

The testing process also allows you to solve for business objectives:

How do I reduce my cost per acquisition?

What appeals work best for lead generation, that generate the highest long-term value clients?

What follow-up products would have the most appeal, and in what order?

* * * *

3-min video reveals my process that focuses on delivering consistent and predictable results, at an acceptable cost.

Which delivers key business objectives at greater scale and/or greater efficiency. And manages
long-term growth across all ad channels.