New Client Projects On-Demand

In this free guide, I'm going to share a simple strategy that a brand new business used to generate 525 leads and over $250,000 in gross revenue in its first 90 days.

I call this simple strategy New Client Projects On-Demand™ - and show you here how you can use it yourself, starting today...

The New Client Projects On-Demand™ strategy is a combination of three simple components.

  1. 1
    A 2-page website that automatically captures new leads 24 hours a day.
  2. 2
    A Facebook ad campaign that automatically advertises your 2-page website to your ideal prospects 24 hours a day.
  3. 3
    An online database that automatically stores those new leads in one central location so it's easy for you to manage no matter where you're at.

That’s literally how simple this 3-component system is that I call New Client Projects On-Demand™.

If you're looking at those three components right now, you might be thinking it might be too hard for you to do all that stuff.

Maybe you’ve never created a website before, you don't know the first thing about setting up a Facebook ad campaign, or databases scare you... I totally understand. Hang with me here and let me explain a little more about each one of these.


2-Page Website 


Facebook Ad Campaign


Online Database


2-Page Website


Facebook Ad Campaign


Online Database


2-Page Website


Facebook Ad Campaign


Online Database

The 2-Page Website

I'll show you an example website I created that’s an exact replica of the site the business owner used to generate the 525 leads and $250,000 dollars in sales.

I created a demo website modeling his site so I could protect his privacy and so his competitors don’t see what he's doing.

I made it a completely different business in a completely different industry although it's still a very similar type of business.

I'll explain more about that in just a second but let me come back to what I said about being overwhelmed by this 3-component system.

If building a website sounds terrifying, I totally get that.

I'm going to show you here at the end of this guide how you can get your own 2-page website and your own New Client Projects On-Demand™ system completely free.

The Facebook Ad Campaign

As far as setting up a Facebook ad campaign goes... it's actually a lot easier than you might think.

There are a couple of moving pieces but the type of ad campaign you need to advertise a local business on Facebook is actually very simple.

Facebook has a lot of advertising options so it can meet the needs of every type of business worldwide. I would say 90-95 percent of that stuff doesn't apply to you.

New Client Projects On-Demand™ Example Website

Below you can see the New Client Projects On-Demand™ example website I created. It’s modeled directly from the business owner’s site used in this case study. The only difference is I changed the type of business to a pool installer/ pool builder. This strategy works for any type of business though.

You can see how basic the site is. There’s hardly anything on it.

The whole reason for doing it this way is to make it super simple for people to understand what you want them to do. That's it. Plain and simple.

Psychology At Play

There's a lot of psychology at play here whether you want to learn about that or not it's important as a business owner to understand how consumers’ minds work.

People are easily overwhelmed when they're coming from Facebook. They’re scrolling and scrolling, usually on their mobile phone, waiting for something to catch their attention.

And, when something catches their attention, like your ad, they’ll stop scrolling. They'll click your ad. They’ll go to your website.

When they land on your website, if it’s not what they expected to see, they're going to leave in a matter of two to three seconds at the most.

So, your website needs to be super simple and it needs to take them by the hand and tell them exactly what you want them to do.

You’ll notice there aren’t a bunch of links up at the top for them to click on. You don't see a bunch of blog posts or links to articles.

Offer to Start Their Free Quote

What you want them to do is click that big green START YOUR FREE QUOTE button.

When they click that button, that’s where the magic starts to happen.

For this example pool builder business, the main thing people want to know is... how much will it cost?

And this is really the same question most homeowners ask for just about every home service type of business. They want to know how much it’s going to cost.

So, if you run a Facebook ad and say something like, “Start Your Free Custom Pool Quote Online”, they click your ad and land on your website to begin their quote.

This is where most business owners get it wrong. They’re in a rush to get that person's contact info as quickly as possible so they can contact them and try to sell them.

And guess what? The prospect knows that you're trying to do that too. They don't want to be sold.
People don't want to be sold. Think about it like this...

You're sitting on the couch watching TV. It's six o'clock at night. Your doorbell rings. You stop what you're doing. You pause the TV. You get off the couch. You go to the door. You open it and see it's somebody trying to sell you a pest control service.

You're instantly agitated and irritated that he made you stop what you were doing and interrupted your night to try and sell you something.

That's the exact same position people are in all the time online when somebody lands on a website, especially from an ad. They're expecting a sales pitch because that's usually what happens.

This strategy takes a different approach and instead, gives them what they want first. Like I said above, what they really want to know is how much is this going to cost.

As human beings, we’re incredibly greedy and selfish. A lot of people don't like to admit it but psychology has proven it time and time again.

They want to know, “What's in it for me?”, and, “Why should I listen to you?”

So, you give them what they want. A custom quote. You send them from your Facebook ad to your website and they click the START YOUR FREE QUOTE button and they’re taken to the “Quote Page” you see below:

The goal here is to gather as much information as possible from them online so you can get them a quote.

That way you don’t have to send them something in the mail or go out to their house and meet with them.

People don't want to do that either. They don't want somebody coming to their house because they know they're going to hear a sales pitch. They don't want to be sold to.

If they can get a price online, then they don’t have to deal with anybody. They don’t have to pick up the phone. They don’t have to go anywhere.

There’s no risk of being forced to hear a sales pitch. They’re going to choose to do it online every single time.

Capturing the leads the way I'm showing you here works a hundred times better than any other method I’ve ever seen.

I'm only asking one question at a time here and that is the most powerful part of this entire strategy...

Asking one simple question at a time, getting them to slowly give you all of the information you need, so you're not overwhelming them.

They don't see an entire sheet of questions they have to fill out or an entire page of information you need answers to.

Instead you're getting it from them one question at a time. Here’s some of the psychology behind why this works so well...

After they've started answering these questions, one by one, they’re making little tiny micro-commitments.

They’re selecting an answer and then hitting next. And, by doing that, they’re unconsciously saying to themselves, “alright, let's see what this is going to cost me.”

As they continue answering questions and making more of those tiny micro-commitments, they’re getting deeper and deeper into the process.

It's harder and harder for them to bail out of that process because now they want to see it through to the end. The human brain hates open loops and unanswered questions. It won’t be satisfied until it reaches the end.

That's just some of the psychology behind this method and why it works. So, don't show people a huge page of questions. It’s scary and overwhelming. Plus, they don't want to spend 30 minutes manually typing stuff in.

People are lazy. Give them simple multiple choice questions initially and then when they get into question five and six that's when I start asking for their contact info.

They've already answered four or five questions at that point so it’s much easier to ask a question where they have to manually enter something like, their zip code.

Technology Involved

Let’s talk about the technology I use to ask these questions. It’s just a simple survey tool where you can go in and add questions and answers and you just copy and paste it into the page on your website.

The page doesn’t change when you go on to the next question. The survey tool just displays whichever question is next but keeps the person on the same page.

Once the person answers every question and hits the SUBMIT button, now that new lead has been put right into your database so you can follow-up with them.

That's it. That's all there is to the New Client Projects On-Demand™ strategy. Now, I want to quickly go through the numbers the business owner got using this strategy.

Results Achieved Using This Approach...

In his first 90 days (from launching his business), he generated 525 leads. He used Facebook Ads as the traffic source.

Those 525 leads cost him a little less than $2,400, which is about $4.58 per lead. He turned that into more than $250,000 dollars in revenue.

Your Own New Client Projects On-DemandSystem - Set Up for Free...

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There’s no catch. It’s simply that I want you to see the results for yourself. Seeing new paying clients coming in “on-demand” will sell on you this system more than anything else.

At the end of the 30 days, come back to me and let me know if you want to keep the system. That’s it. Whatever you decide, either way.

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