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How to cut down your design & development time by 2x to 5x ...

​While increasing conversion results, ensuring the stability of your site, and making it look slick and sophisticated on all devices with ease...

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Today's visual editors and page builders are very sophisticated, and slick!

But under-the-hood, there's still major problems...

You may not even realize how much they're costing you...

How much time you're losing, added frustration you're putting up with ...

And as a result, how much LESS money you're making.

Let's do a quick scan of the problems...

​Today's Visual Page Builders

As good as they are, there are a lot of problems with today's visual editors and page builders.

How many of these can you identify with?


Visual page builder turn out not to be true WYSIWYG editor. Instead, it uses ba​​​​ck-end and pop-up editors. This can increase design / development time​ by 2 to 5 time...

Most page builders and visual editors on the market are SLOW.


Because they are not true WYSIWYG editors.

You make edits in a separate pop-up or back-end editor, then save and preview. Then repeat.

Doing this hundreds of times for a single page can increase the time it takes finish by 2 to 5 times.

This is not front end editing

This is front end editing


Templates and page elements look great, but aren't conversion optimized. Thus, you deliver something that looks great, but doesn't deliver the best results...

Templates are great time-savers.

Same goes with having all the elements you need to build an awesome design.

But if the templates you use, and the elements you include are not proven to convert, then it's still all time wasted.

The only thing that matters are delivering results.


Too many plugins = an unstable & unpredictable website...

What does this have to do with your visual editor?

Well, not having all the features you need in your editor, forces you to use a lot of extra 3rd party plugins.

More plugins creates an unstable site. Unstable sites can crash without notice or known cause. And solving such issues can be problematic.


Considerable time is spent custom coding CSS to ensure flawless mobile responsiveness...

If your page editor does not give you a mobile responsive design, you'll have to add custom CSS code.

Adding custom code is tedious and time consuming work.

And the "device preview options" in most page builders, do not allow you to see the results of your changes as you make them.


Putting the finer touches on a website, still require sophisticated CSS skills...

Making fine edits to items such as buttons, column layouts, full-width layouts, and fonts – usually involves sophisticated CSS skills, and or time consuming and complex work-arounds.

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The Unseen Reality ...

What It's REALLY Costing You to Use an Inferior Visual Editor or Page Builder ...

Time wasted, money lost, and frustration compounded – these are the biggest costs.

And do you really want to earn LESS money, while beating your head against a brick wall?

... especially when it's not necessary!

Let's look at each of these problems, in the cold harsh light of reality...

PROBLEM: Visual editors / page builders are slow. They are? Really? Yes, and this is why...

Many visual editors and page builders are slow.

They would argue they are not.

And true enough, when using them they are fast to respond.

That’s not the reason they are slow. They are “slow” because the process you must go through to achieve simple tasks.

For example, changing line-height, putting in padding, decorating content …

… this all takes too long because most visual editors / page builders are NOT true live-as-you-edit WYSIWYG editors.

They require you to save and preview in a separate window to see how the page really looks.

Customization options often must be adjusted in a pop-up window. Or they may use the WordPress editor as a pop-up, and you can make limited customizations within that.

You can't make all changes on the fly, and instantly see your changes.

What does instant look like?

Let's see with one of my favorite editors,
Thrive Architect...

In this little snippet, we're changing the content size and seeing the results, instantly...

Here's how the change happens with an editor that is not "live-as-you-edit"...

I'm going to be sharing a lot more about Thrive Architect, as you'll soon discover why...

In fact, my designer tells me, he can create a web page in
Thrive Architect 5x faster than in any other page builder...

Another great plus of using
Thrive Architect, is how easy it makes customizing images, headlines, and other decorations.

It’s so good at the task, you might find you don’t need Photoshop anymore!

PROBLEM: Using templates that look great, but are not proven to convert.

Most page builders offer templates to use. And these templates often look great.

But the problem often is, they look great, but they don't convert great.

And what's the only reason you're building pages?

I would imagine, it's to get prospects to convert to leads. Leads to convert to paying customers. And one-time customers to convert into repeat customers.

The Thrive Architect templates are "conversion optimized" – meaning they have been tested and proven to convert.

This also applies to the ELEMENTS provided within
Thrive Architect, that can be mixed and matched to build a page.

You get buttons, testimonials, content boxes and list building elements – all of which have all been tested for their conversion power.

Of course, the actual CONTENT on the page is a major factor in what converts. But at least you'll have all the design elements optimized for conversion out-of-the-box.

PROBLEM: Having to create from scratch all the pages you need for a webinar or product launch. Or using templates that are not proven to convert.

Let's say you need all the pages for a webinar or product launch ...

Where do you start?

The time and cost to create them all from scratch would be significant.




Maybe you can find templates for each of the steps.

Maybe they will convert – but maybe not!

It saves a lot of time, and make a lot more money, when you start with the full suite of template pages for the launch.

And especially if each of them is conversion optimized for the step they are completing.

PROBLEM: Having to create from scratch all the pages you need for a webinar or product launch. Or using templates that are not proven to convert.


… and this problem is caused by using page builders and visual editors that don’t have all the functionality you need built-in.

Why is this a problem?

Because it forces you to add extra plugins to get what you need.

And then you add a few more plugins, and then some more after that.

My web programmer claims at least every 10th day they are dealing with a major client website issue.

The cause?

Too many plugins conflicting with each other.

With less sophisticated page builders and visual editors, you are forced to install various free or paid 3rd party plugins. Or, you have to add custom coding, to get the functionality you need on your site.

Too many plugins invariable lead to conflicts between them.

Even if they are all compatible today, plugins become outdated. You must replace them, and this can cause chaos and site crashes.

Or a simple WordPress, page builder, or plugin update might throw things into disarray.

Not to mention, too many plugins will slow down your site.

The more plugins, the higher the risk of problems today, or unforeseen problems tomorrow.

You can go a LONG WAY to solving this problem, by using a full-featured, technically sophisticated but easy to use visual editor...

... one like
Thrive Architect, that includes everything you need, without requiring additional plugins.

PROBLEM: Having to create additional custom CSS code to get all the pages to work as needed on mobile.

Mobile searches exceeded desktop for the first time, back in November of 2016.

Currently, mobile stands at around 52% and growing, while desktop is around 44% and falling.

There's no question, you have to design for mobile.

So how easy is it to design for desktop AND mobile, using the most popular page builders and visual editors?

With most visual editors, you must rely upon their 'default responsiveness abilities.'

And believe me – they often fall way short.

It's not uncommon to have to add custom CSS to ensure pages appears correctly on mobile devices.

Another issue is previewing your page on different screen sizes.

This is a common feature with most page builders.

But to make changes, the page builder usually uses a pop-up that covers the screen. Forcing you to make edits, close the pop-up, then view the results.

Then start the process again...

With Thrive Architect, you create your page once, and have great looking results on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Further adjustments can be made if necessary. You can specify that elements appear only on one or more devices.

Thrive Architect will let you preview all three device screens at once. You make changes in the left hand side elements – and see the changes LIVE in all three screen views as you make them.

PROBLEM: Having to invest a lot of time on complex coding, to get the "finesse" elements on the page to work.

Take the creation of buttons, in any style you might imagine.

In most editors, you must have well-honed CSS skills to create different styles, roundness of button corners, subtle drop-shadow effects, and so on.

None of this is necessary with Thrive Architect.

If you can "click, slide, or select" – then it's all handled for you in the elements panel.

And you get to see the results change before your eyes in real-time.


What about creating flexible column layouts? Another time consuming task!

Setting up complicated column layouts is not easy. In some cases, it's not even possible.

Most editors do give you column options. But they are pre-defined options, with no option to customize.

It's almost child's play how easy setting up flexible column layouts are with
Thrive Architect.

See for yourself...

We all know full width layouts look great.

​And we all know you can get them done in most editors, with the appropriate amount of "messing around."

Or, they can be done like this:

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See Thrive Architect in Action ...
Solving Your Biggest Headaches !!

The PROCESS with many page builders is S-L-O-W ...

When an editor is not a true live-as-you-edit visual editor – you don't see changes happen on the page as you make them.

Let's talk about visual editors and page builders, also known as "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" editors.

The first problem with a visual editor, is many of them are not actually WYSIWYG editors.

In the video above, I show an example.

The way a lot of "WYSIWYG" editors work, is they put blocks or elements on top of one another, or next to each other, to create the page.

This is shown in the video.

But to see how things REALLY look, you have to make your changes, then click on the UPDATE button, then re-launch the page to see how it looks.

You can see an example of this in the video – though you're probably very familiar with the process, if you use a visual editor, that's not a TRUE WYSIWYG editor.

Let's now switch to ​Thrive Architect.

In the video, we build a page from scratch.

All the ELEMENTS and controls for the editor are on the left.

To insert an image, you click on the image element, and drag and drop it into the page. Then chose the image you want.

If you don't have one on a website, you can upload the image then choose the size for it, and insert into post.

With the Thrive Architect visual editor, you can customize however you want.

You can make it smaller and see how it looks LIVE, without updating the code, saving the page, and previewing what it REALLY looks like.

We can also add a button. To grab the button element, click on it, drag it, and then just drop it where ever you want it on the page.

So here we have the button. You can see everything on the page LIVE, without UPDATING.

You can change the style of the button, make the corners round, if you wish.

You can change the color by dragging, or pasting in a custom code.

As shown in the video, you can witness all the changes LIVE!

With the Thrive Architect visual editor, everything is visual and you create and edit everything as you see it.

So, when you save it and preview the page it will look exactly the same.

You won't have to worry that you don't really know how it's going to look, until you SAVE and PREVIEW the page, like you have to do with many visual editors.

Using templates that look great, but are not proven to convert...

Many visual editors give you templates that look great. But are they proven to convert?

Many times, the answer is no.

Within Thrive Architect, you get access to "conversion optimized" templates – meaning every template provided has been tested and proven to covert.

You'll see a review of some of the templates in the video above.

There is a wide selection of conversion optimized landing pages, something to fit every purpose with your website and your marketing.

If you have a local business, you can find one for a restaurants , one for a medical website, there are templates for finance, and so on.

The templates are also come in suites of landing pages.

So, for example, in one group there will be the ‘Lead Generation Page’, a ‘Confirmation Page’ after they opt-in, a ‘Download Page’, if you are giving away a PDF in a exchange for their e-mail.

In addition, ‘Sales Page’ templates, ‘Webinar’ templates, or Content Page templates.

You'll find the templates needed for an entire funnel. The look-and-feel will be the same on all, but most importantly, with all the elements designed and tested to convert.

Watch the video to see how we can take templates of an entire funnel, but then customized them to be our own.

Having too many plugins causes your website to be forever unstable...

With WordPress sites, and with most visual editors that are missing a lot of functionality that your site needs – you end up having too many plugins.

Why is this a problem?

Because too many plugins makes your website forever unstable. It also means there will be lots of updates to do.

If you have a lot of plugins, they never all get updated at the same time. Rather, they all get released randomly.

As shown in the video, having a lot of plugins that need to be updated can lead to a lot of problems.

For example, if you update one plugin it may cause another one to crash.

Which might cause your pages or elements on your website to stop working.

Having a lot of plugins may cause a lot of conflicts. But it can also cause your whole website to crash.

You might say: ‘Okay, I will not update the plugins because my website works as it is and then I won’t create conflict.’

But the problem with this is, plugin updates might be fixing some really important issues regarding security, and if you don’t update them, your website could become vulnerable.

Watch the video to see what a website using Thrive Architect looks like. Very few plugins.

That's because Thrive Architect has pretty much everything you need built in, you far less plugins.

And all of Thrive plugins have an update at the same time, every 3 weeks, on Wednesday.

So you just need to keep an eye on your website every 3 weeks, on Wednesday and then you will update all of them at once – rather than checking pretty much daily for updates. 

Having to create additional custom CSS code to get all the pages to work as needed on mobile...


Having to invest a lot of time on complex coding, to get the "finesse" elements on the page to work...

One major problem with many visual editors, is that you still need to spend considerable time creating custom CSS code, to get all the elements on your page precisely as you want them.

This is especially true, when it comes to getting everything to work on mobile and tablet devices.

With Thrive Architect – every element is responsive, and can be modified with precision, without having to create CSS code.

Watch the video for examples of how any element on a page, can be adjusted, fine tuned, and modified to your wishes – without any CSS code.

This includes easily creating mobile and tablet responsive pages or individual elements.

Without any CSS code, you can customize everything, every element from the page, everything you see it can be changed ...

... and you can instantly see how it will look on mobile and tablet.

The great news is, you won't have to learn CSS code.

In Thrive Architect, everything can be customized with a "click, slide, or select" – and you'll easily have your pages fully optimized for mobile and tablet views.

Discover which Visual Editors/Page Builders will save you time and money... or only cause you frustration: Get access to our exclusive "Wealth Facilitator Visual Page Builder Ranking" – complete with scores and expert usability commentary.

Why I'm "IN LOVE" with Thrive Architect –
And You Will be Too ...

You may not have even realized how much time, frustration, and money your existing page editor is costing you ...

But once you start using a true live-as-you-edit WYSIWYG visual page builder – like Thrive Architect – you'll never look back.

  • Full featured and sophisticated, yet "click – slide – select" easy to use – allowing you to complete your projects 2 to 5 times faster ...
  • Conversion optimized templates and page elements – because it should be all about results PLUS looking good!
  • No more "purgatory of plugin hell" – unstable and unpredictable websites can be a thing of the past...
  • Flawless mobile responsiveness – plus easy screen-by-screen, element-by-element customizations...
  • And say goodbye to custom coding CSS for sophisticated effects...

​Say Goodbye to "Edit – Save – Preview"

When an editor is not a true live-as-you-edit visual editor – you don't see changes happen on the page as you make them.

You must make a change, save, preview, and repeat.

Why is this such a big deal?

A complex website or sales page can involve hundreds, maybe even over 1,000 small edits.

Edit – save – preview ...

Edit – save – preview ...

Edit – save – preview ...

You get the picture. All these interactions add up. And the time it takes to create the page can be 2x to 5x longer, than if you were working with a true WYSIWYG visual editor.

With Thrive Architect, you can not only work faster, but try more creative options as you go...

You can see it all in real time, as you control every element with a click, slide, select, or input of a variable .

Wouldn't it be nice if "Edit – save – preview " was a thing of the past?

Right now, I want you to witness a blank page being transformed into a stunning design...

You can check our Thrive Architect here...

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