People in business LOVE software ... and HATE IT all at the same time.

The RIGHT software holds the promise of easier, faster, and most importantly ...


In reality, it hard to find the right system for the job, and to get 2 or more systems to play with each other,  is a downright nightmare!

(And it's often 10 or more software systems...)

Yes, setup is an issue. Yes, integration of systems is an even bigger issue.

But probably the NUMBER ONE reason software comes with so much promise, yet so often fails to deliver, is because the STRATEGY is flawed (or totally missing...)

Strategy is the glue that holds everything together, driving all forces towards the achievement of a predefined goal. The right software, used in the right way, absolutely can make business goals happen easier, faster, and make your business WAY MORE MONEY!

What is Wealth Facilitator All About?

Wealth Facilitator is a collection of random thoughts on marketing strategysoftware and systems, media buying, copywriting, and more – with the purpose of showing you how to make more money in your business.

First, a little about me – my name is Kelvin Parker – my background includes over 35 years working in direct marketing. Working with businesses of all types and sizes. From start-ups - to doing millions - tens and hundreds of millions - to over a billion in annual sales.

And working with all types of businesses, from publishing in verticals such as health, wealth, self-help, business strategy – to software and SaaS, consulting, medical practices marketing, digital ad agencies and more.

My focus over the years has continually expanded, to now include – marketing strategycopywritingpaid media buyinganalytics and systemsdata driven behavioral segmentationprocess reverse-engineeringneuroscience applied to marketing, and more.

It all boils down to PROCESS and PERSUASION ... and then execution.

Which is why Wealth Facilitator was born...

Marketing automation – data driven behavioral segmentation – AI – machine learning persuasion tools – and more ...

How do you put the latest marketing strategies, software, process automation, and persuasion techniques to work to generate more growth, sales, and profits for your business?

Can you do this, even if you don't have an "enterprise" budget?

These are some of the topics we'll explore, and attempt to answer, at Wealth Facilitator.

Putting the latest software tools, and innovative strategies to use, to help you make more money in your business.

Some of the software tools will be industry specific, most will not. Pretty much all the marketing strategies discussed could be applied to any business.

Like it or not, the world continues to surge forward with new and innovative strategies, software, and technologies – and in the world of marketing – if you don't keep up – you're competitors will soon be eating your lunch.

To learn more about my work in using marketing and advanced automation to make more money, visit

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