Customer Triggered Persuasion

"Customer Triggered Persuasion"
- Here's the Big Idea in 159 Words...

In the world of digital marketing, competition for the attention of prospective customers online continues to push costs higher, and conversion rates lower.

Retargeting has helped recoup some of these costs, with the average ROI on a retargeting ad spend being around 200%. But simply reminding somebody they didn't buy over and over again isn't the most effective approach.

A new strategy called "Customer Triggered Persuasion" – has produced ROI’s in the 7,000% to 9,000% range – while also bumping overall campaign conversion rates and ROIs significantly.

Think of it as real-time dynamically delivered, customer triggered persuasion - "one-on-one" selling on a mass basis, the right message delivered at the right time, all automated.

The system is a blend of sales psychology, "neuroscience applied to marketing", and advanced delivery systems – perfectly tailored to today's limited attention spans and "on-the-go" customer driven mobile consumption of information.

This is the closest thing to "one-on-one" selling in an automated fashion in the digital age.

Proven Results...

Most re-targeting efforts focus on REMINDING the prospective customer to comeback and order. It does get a good ROI on ad spend - often around 200%.

The Customer Triggered Persuasion strategy – which is a complete and automated marketing funnel for a single product within a normal marketing funnel –achieves dramatically different results.

Customer Triggered Persuasion has worked in multiple industries, including e-commerce, high ticket travel, and low-ticket clothing – with ROI on re-targeting ad spend of 7,245%, 9,111%, and in one case of an information publisher in the health care space, the strategy delivered an instant 22% boost in sales on day one of testing... they saw their lead cost plummet 83% from $18 per lead, to $3 per lead.

The Process...

In the "old days" of direct mail, when your promotion had a ONE-SHOT CHANCE to get a sale and had very high delivery costs attached to it – the complete promotion from the outside envelope to the lift note, sales letter, order device, and so on...

...had to take the prospect through a sequence of mindsets –from grabbing interest, stoking desire, responding in advance to expected objections, showing social proof, fully dimensionalizing the value, reversing any risk, creating urgency,and so on.

With Customer Triggered Persuasion – this does not all happen in one sitting. And we know in today's distracted, limited attention spans, on-the-go world – it almost certainly doesn't happen in one sitting for 98% to 99% of prospects.

Instead of taking what conversions you can get in one presentation with a few follow-ups – and maybe a few advance emails to set the scene, Customer Triggered Persuasion takes the full flow of a regular sales letter and splits it into mini-mindset-segments.

They are delivered in real-time, dynamically, when the customer takes an action that indicates they are finished with one stage, which triggers delivery of the next stage.

Re-targeted ads via Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network, and emails, are delivered in real-time to match the current state of mind of the prospect, and move them forward to the next step.

This strategic sequence of interactions creates the ideal experience leading to a buying frame-of-mind...

80% of sales happen between the 5th and 12th interaction. Customer Triggered Persuasion keeps your product top-of-mind, while deepening the relationship, but without pushing for the sale until your prospects are ready.

You engage, raise awareness, remove doubts and fears, educate on options. And the multiple touch-points seen popping up in multiple marketing channels builds strong believability and trust.

In Practice...

A normal marketing funnel might look something like the chart below – traffic source leads to a landing page with opt-in, a low cost / tripwire offer, the main product / core offer, then back-end offers.

The Customer Triggered Persuasion Funnel, however, is really a funnel within a funnel. It's a complete and automated funnel focusing on just ONE PRODUCT within a normal marketing funnel. 

Customer Triggered Persuasion Funnel Chart

Seems overly complex and a lot of work? Yes, it is.

But with ROI on the retargeting budget in the range of 7,000% to 9,000% (versus normal retargeting of 200%), and the ability to take a normal conversion rate of say 2%, and potentially 5-fold it or more - it's worth the effort.

Pulling this off involves strategy, creating content that pre-sells, and copy that closes the deal. Plus, I'm not going to pretend the tracking and execution doesn't have complexity to it. It does.

It's definitely worth the effort, though.

If you have a winning campaign – Customer Triggered Persuasion will supercharge it’s results… if you have a campaign that is struggling, this strategy can make the difference between profitability or not.

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