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Next BIG BREAKTHROUGH Paradigm in Direct Response Marketing...

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Let me be 100% up-front - I'm here to sell you on something.

I'm here to sell you on a concept that will add significantly to your bottom line, while fattening your profit margins.

This is not a short read - but could be worth millions to you over the next few years  : - )

... I promise it will be worth it!

The concept...

Direct Marketing vs. Data Driven Behavioral Marketing...

This is the next BREAKTHROUGH PARADIGM for direct marketing.

Enterprise-sized companies have been doing this on a pretty sophisticated level the past 5 - 10 years.

Most mortals can't afford the technology - though some exciting options have recently become available for SMBs (small-medium-sized-businesses.)

This is the NEXT EVOLUTION of direct marketing.

It's called behavioral marketing. Or "data-driven" marketing.

Or, "data driven behavioral marketing."

Some also call it "data driven behavioral segmentation."

The Customer Triggered Persuasion strategy I outline at is an application of behavioral marketing:

Click here to see a larger view of the diagram...

The KEY / ESSENTIAL factor:

With direct marketing, we put people on LISTS, and SEGMENT those lists based upon whatever information we can gather - demographic, purchase history, and so on.

And we send DISCRETE / ONE TIME campaigns to these LIST SEGMENTS.

Behavioral marketing - on the other hand - constantly monitors customer and prospect behavior - in the digital realm - on every possible touch-point with our company, brand, products/services, and our marketing - content - and social sites.

It can also include monitoring in the OFFLINE realm.

A behavioral system keeps real-time profiles - on customers and prospects (even when we don't yet know who they are), and has a set of RULES or CRITERIA that we setup and adjust as needed.

Based upon the RULES/CRITERIA, the system automatically selects people in real-time, and sends them marketing that's directly related to the Intel it has gathered - which it used to figure out what their INTENT is, and what they want and need next.

It's all real-time. It runs automatically. You don't select list segments and do a mailing.

Mini-campaigns are happening automatically 24/7/365.

Campaigns are dispatched using every available marketing channel:

Email - retargeting (via Facebook, Google Display, others) - web (custom web content) - mobile - social - search...

And response rates leave the static version of direct marketing in the dust...

One guy I've known for a few years, claims to have generated $465 million dollars using his version of data driven behavioral segmentation.

SaaS Technology Makes Data Driven Behavioral Marketing Possible...

So how are you going to pull off "data driven behavioral marketing" in your business?

Here's the perfect technology to pull off the strategy of behavioral marketing: 

I found Zaius 12 months ago, and was instantly wowed by it!

Turns out, it's part of a whole new "Martech" category.

See this insane image (they do have larger ones you can read, see the links below):

That's all the marketing technology solutions currently available - over 5,000.

Zaius belongs to a new category, called Customer Data Platform, it's this little piece at the bottom of the blue "data" column:

The Customer Data Platform software floats over all other MarTech systems you are using, sucks up all the data, and lets you data mine, deep profile, micro-target.

BIG DATA comes to SMBs!

And so do insane results for early adopters.

Why Should You Do Data Driven Behavioral Marketing?

First reason, it will increase the bottom-line. Everybody has a different number, Zaius claims on average, customers have 3x repeat purchases, increased AOV by 150%, and CLTV by 20%.

The last figure is the one to focus on - that's the bottom line.

If a business is doing $1 million, and it's doing that based upon whatever ad spend and other expenses - if you add behavioral marketing to the mix, it will be doing $200,000 more, with close to zero additional expense.

So that's all straight to the bottom-line...

The other reason to be doing data driven behavioral marketing - is that we no longer live in a single channel (or a few channels) world.

We live in a Facebook, Google search, email, display ads, video ads, Instagram, Pinterest, web notification push, direct mail, sales teams, call center, social media, mobile phones and apps (and on and on) world.

Treating marketing (communication with prospects and clients) as if they are listening to us only on one or two "channels" is simply ignoring reality.

But 99% of marketing systems are only setup to monitor how we are conducting the client conversation as if it were only via email, or only via sales teams, and so on.

Only a system like Zaius can keep track of a prospect and clients' complete journey with us, from the first web browse to the multiple purchases, to the compliments or complains on a Facebook post.

What You Need to Pull It Off...

Zaius is by far my favorite solution.

And it's a combination of things...

It's web and customer analytics more useful than the most sophisticated use of Google Analytics - using pixel / client-side tracking, S2S (server-to-server) tracking, and offline tracking...

... not of sessions, but of individuals and all of their actions and interactions with us, our brand, our advertising, our emails, our videos, our website, our PDF downloads, our trade-show or conference giveaways.

Even when they are unidentified prospects browsing for the first time, a record is kept, and later married up to the real and identified individual.

It's a data mining - deep profiling - micro-targeting system.

Zaius continuously sucks in data from all your systems, applies your data mining / deep profiling criteria - and creates micro-targeted lists which are automatically dispatching via email, Facebook, Google Display, web push, direct mail, and so on.

Zaius is the control center via which you can execute data driven behavioral marketing strategy - which otherwise wouldn't be possible.

What is a data driven behavioral marketing strategy?

In its simplest form - it's mapping out the complete customer journey with you - from first hit on your website, to a lifetime of purchases, to positive or negative comments about you on social media...

... and delivering to the customer - dynamically and in real-time - the right message at the right time to match their current intent and desires.

It's the mechanism of breaking up the persuasion process into a series of mini-mindset segments - and letting the customer TRIGGER actions that tell us which stage of the journey they are at ...

... so we can instantly send or expose them to something that will move them to the next step in the process.

It's a strategic sequence of interactions that creates the ideal experience leading to a buying frame-of-mind - over and over again...

Zaius does not require you to change any of the systems you are currently using. It will "suck" data from all the systems – do it's magic – then dispatch mini-marketing campaigns via the channels you already have setup.

What Will This Cost?

Up to now, too much!!

That's why only enterprise-sized companies have been getting in on the action.

Zaius is the most comprehensive and SMB-affordable system, but it's still not cheap – starting at $750/mo.

Are there other options?

Absolutely, just not as comprehensive, and it will probably require tying together multiple systems to get the result you want.

Such custom configurations have to be tailored to fit your company and your strategy.

Pure Customer Data Platform Systems

Here are a number of pure Customer Data Platform Systems:




BlueVenn - this one is more expensive than Zaius, but worth checking out, just to see what is possible with these systems.

Specifically for eCom Stores

This system is designed specifically for eCommerce online store merchants:


Perfect if you advertise on Facebook

And this collection of systems are absolute MAGIC, if you are using Facebook as one of your marketing channels:


Or, they come as a bundled package, along with ConnectExplore - an awesome tool for targeting on Facebook.

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